There are as many ways of treating chiropractically as there are chiropractors. We all find our little ways of doing the best we can to get a person better. There are therefore a myriad of different approaches to find and treat a problem area chiropractically.

In over 30 years’ experience as a chiropractor and studying a large number of different techniques over the years, l have found a system that l can rely on and that l can use on everybody no matter what age or status of health. You cannot necessarily use the same technique on a small child as you can on an adult person, and neither can you use the same approach on an elderly more fragile person. Not that the chiropractic treatment is physically challenging, but because it often does include manipulation to joints that require a certain level of stability. My approach, therefore is suited to the type of person in question, the system I use can be used on everybody

The overall question in my analysis of your problem is:
What major imbalance has caused this problem to occur?

If you treat this ‘global’ imbalance you are already half way there to eliminating the presenting problem.

This can take a bit of time if we are dealing with a chronic problem, but only a short while if dealing with an acute problem!

As human beings we experience a life time affected by gravity that pulls us down toward earth. We all have physical work that can take its toll on us. We all are exposed to overwhelming emotional stress at times, and we are not always eating and thinking in a manner that promotes optimal health, therefore you cannot expect your body and mind to be at its peak at all times.

Chiropractic treatment cannot promise you a peak level at all times, but it can have a major effect on your ability to maintain your own peak level built on YOUR capacity to reach such a level.
Chiropractic treatment does so by balancing out the eternal small imbalances that creep up on you despite your hardest attempt to avoid them, and with time can result in major and devastating imbalances and resulting pain and misery.

Let chiropractice have a positive influence on your health by eliminating the small before it becomes the big…..!